James Saunders


James Saunders

James is a native New Mexican and has lived in several states across the country including South Dakota, New York, Texas and starting anew in Florida. Since 1997, James has acquired over 15 years of experience in management and customer service area within the technical, post-secondary education, call centers and video relay service. His management style and conflict resolution background has helped strengthen and reintroduce the art of customer service. James received his Associate of Applied Science in Electro-Mechanical Technology and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology.

The word “serve” means what to him is to promote the best interest of the customer by making a positive first impression. This will enable the customer to put their trust, knowing they can reach out to us and receive the results they can anticipate and feel empowered from it.

James is now currently leading the Customer Experience Team to push their quality of service a notch much higher by promote very healthy and fun working environment so they can help the customer in a very positive attitude and completed the call with a smile.”

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