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Customer Experience and Relationship Managers

are totally dedicated and deliver a customized, positive experience to ZVRS customers. They are also responsible for ensuring complete satisfaction and the best use of ZVRS services and products.

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If you are an Enterprise customer, please visit our Enterprise support page.


Interested in booking a Team Video Meeting (TVM) session?

Commonly used for meetings, TVM allows groups of people to teleconference and see each other on their Z phones.

“I want you to know you have an exceptional your employee name Joseph Vetter, in your support ZVRS. His calm, patient manner was a great help to me when my frustration was at an all-time high. His knowledge of the software and his remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. Also I want to thanks Him for pull me back to ZVRS. I am really like ZVRS system, Interpreter are great jobs and one number I love it.”Susan C.
“I am pleased with ZVRS and the services they provide me because they are professional and respond quickly. I love the ZVRS materials I have been provided with. There’s always someone to answer my questions if I need help. I continue to use ZVRS services because a happy customer is a satisfied customer that will stay with you. :­) Thank You for all your hard work!”Rachel B.
“I want to thank Karen Carrier for all the help she has given to me. When I contact her she gets back to me as soon as she can. When I have a problem she helps me fix it, and when I don’t understand something she explains it to me. Karen is very patient with me on the VP as I have spastic CP. I am grateful for all she has done for me. What a very wonderful worker and inspiration and Smiling Lady!”Barbara G.

ZVRS Regional Directors

Corey Burton
Regional Director, EVS Account Management Team

Dennis O’Brien
Regional Director, West Region

Lisa McBee
Regional Director, East Region

My Address Book (Contact List)

Get Connected With The Z

Do you want your address book moved or copied from another provider, such as Convo, GlobalVRS, Purple or Sorenson?

As of October 24, 2017, the FCC has mandated that all providers make users’ contact lists (address book) available to users upon request.

If you have your contact list from another provider (xCard file), we will help you put it in your address book.

You can also make your address book available to other providers upon request.

To do this, contact us by clicking the “Contact Customer Experience” button below.

We’re here to help!

Switch My Number

Get Connected With The Z

One of the benefits of the new 10-digit local numbers is that you can switch or transfer that phone number if you later decide you want to switch to a different VRS provider. No need to worry about memorizing a new phone number and having to let all of your contacts know your number has changed.
To talk to us, call us at 877-777-9776.

My Phone Number

Get Connected With The Z

Do you have a local 10-digit number? If you don’t, you won’t be able to make VRS calls after Nov. 12, 2009.

This local number is functionally equivalent to the phone numbers hearing people use — no more confusing IP addresses. It also allows emergency services to send help more quickly if you make a 911 call, because they will know your registered location. Learn more about 911 VRS calls

  • Do you want to request a local 10-digit number for your Z phone?
  • Do you have other questions and are still confused about local numbers?

We’re here to help!