Z70 Testimonials


Z70 Slide
“The Z70 is rocking the boat BIG-TIME… Great product and service!”Leonard Kepil
Customer stated that Z70 is faster and better than Z5 Max. Also she useful smartphone and tablet more often. Customer is SO HAPPY with our service.Rosanne Cooper
Customer called in – to let me know how much easier the z70 is and called it a “Piece of Cake” and would be willing to be used for reference and testimonialsMargaret Semanyk
“I love the Z70, how amazing it is and so easy to touch, call and recieve without missing the calls. and The Video Quality is so clear , easy to see.”Timothy Nold
“Loves the new Z70 especially the Number Look up! Will use it alot!!”Elsie Ndua
“Perfect size, more desk space and so simple to use”Renee Killian

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