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Introducing the new i3

Sleek Video Quality and Design

With a clean 5x zoom and wide angle field of view never before seen on video, are you ready for the first in its class high end TV mount product for your VRS/VRI calls?


A Closer Look


Video Quality

The i3’s crystal clear resolution brings spectacular video quality to your calls unlike anything you’ve seen before on a videophone. You’ll notice the difference right away!


i3 features mechanical, integrated 2.5x optical and 5x zoom capabilities! Now you can take your call from the other side of the room and still enjoy close-up and clear communication.


Not only does the i3 have the strongest level of zoom but now you can use the remote from a longer distance too! In the middle of making dinner when you get a call? Stay close to the stove and take the remote with you.


With sound as crystal clear as the picture, the i3’s top-tier audio system is perfectly designed for our VCO and hard of hearing users. Enjoy the built-in microphone with echo cancellation and automatic gain control.

Best video quality, ever!