ZVRS Welcomes AnnMarie Killian

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AnnMarie Killian Appointed as ZVRS’ VP of Video Interpreter Operations

Clearwater, FL – November 11, 2016

Z is proud to announce AnnMarie Killian as the new Vice President of Video Interpreter Operations. AnnMarie comes to Z with many years of experience in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. As a Deaf consumer of VRS and an interpreter herself, AnnMarie is intimately familiar with the customer experience and interpreting process.
“AnnMarie knows exactly what it takes to create and maintain an exemplary interpreting organization. As CEO, I want the very best for our interpreters and AnnMarie is just that – the best,” said Sherri Turpin, CEO of Z. “Her experience as an interpreter and user of VRS paired with her long history in Operations, AnnMarie is perfect for this role. We are thrilled to have her aboard.”

Providing quality communication access is at the heart and foundation of Z. As Vice President of VI Operations, AnnMarie will draw from her many years of experience to further grow and strengthen the organization. AnnMarie has served in various leadership roles including but not limited to Senior Vice President and COO of CSD, Vice President of Interpreting Operations and Director of Customer Experience.

“AnnMarie has been a passionate leader for CSD. She has over 15 years of experience in the interpreting industry. She is known for her positivity and enthusiasm in working with teams and building relationships that support company growth and success,” shared Chief of Staff & Strategy at CSD, Pat Myers.

With AnnMarie’s operational knowledge and experience in and around the community, Z will continue to build bridges, raise the standard of communication access and usher the VI Operations team into the next chapter of the New Z.

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