Collaboration Case Study: ZVRS


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Transforming Lives with Visual Communications

Company: ZVRS

Industry: Interpretation Services

Location: Clearwater, Florida

Company Size: 700 employees


ZVRS strives to provide an improved communications experience for deaf individuals. Rather than use teletypewriters (TTY), deaf individuals rely on ZVRS to communicate through video, enabling accurate interpretations using sign language and expressions. To provide an exceptional user experience, ZVRS searched for an advanced solution that could keep up with the deaf community’s evolving needs for video communications with enough clarity and speed to capture subtle expressions in real time.


ZVRS took advantage of desktop collaboration endpoints to provide a life-like HD video experience. A fully integrated collaboration experience including Cisco Unified Communication Manager and Jabber helps users communicate and work more effectively. Cisco Smart Net Total Care™ provides access to Cisco experts and resources to help ensure ZVRS services are available, secure, and operating at peak performance.


With Cisco DX Series endpoints, the communication experience captures sign language movements and facial expressions with unprecedented accuracy. Users can now connect over video within 30 seconds, much faster than using TTY to type messages. In this way, ZVRS has also improved the user experience while increasing use of services.

“With video, we can incorporate expression and emotion for more engaging, effective communications.”

– Sherri Turpin, Chief Executive Officer, ZVRS

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