Info for Purple Customers

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Our “Why”

We at the New Z believe strongly that communication access is a right worthy of the utmost respect.

Because of our desire to always remain Deaf-centric, we are committed to raising the bar within the industry and cultivating a new company together.

Our Stand


In its aim to break down barriers and build bridges between both the Deaf/HoH and Hearing communities, Z boldly strives to support real connection and opportunity for all. #Bridging2Worlds


Communication looks different for all, just like the individuals we employ and serve. We honor this truth in the products and services Z provides.


Z will never stop pushing the limits in its efforts to change the game in providing the latest and greatest in accessible technology.


In Z’s steadfast commitment to providing outstanding service, the customer’s privacy and best interest are always the organization’s highest priority.


Z will always honor the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community’s rich heritage by acknowledging, sharing, and preserving its powerful lessons and stories.

General Questions

Both ZVRS and Purple have been strong competitors in the VRS market for years, providing innovative, quality products and services to the Deaf community. Through our integration, the added market competition and synergies will provide us with an opportunity to enhance our current services for customers, create innovative products for the future, and deliver needed workforce and educational programs to the community.
Both ZVRS and Purple view a positive user experience as their highest priority in this integration and are committed to ensuring positive benefits to the Deaf community. The two companies are working together to create a simple, streamlined process to transition user accounts and will be communicating with consumers throughout the integration period. Customers will continue to use the VRS system they are currently on for the immediate future.
At this time we will operate as one company but maintain two different brands.