Get to know our new look

Since the beginning, the “Z” logo has been known for the best interpreting and excellent customer service. While we continue to lead the industry in these areas, our recent changes are taking us in a new direction. Since we acquired iDeafNews, released the Z70, introduced our new Z Advocate, Sandra Mae Frank, and started our “people first” focus shown through legacy stories, we have grown beyond the limits of a single-service company.

Why are we doing all this? To create meaningful connections. We needed a logo that would reflect this new path. We reached out to a diverse group of people in the community and asked what mattered most in their VRS experience. “Connection” was, by far, the most common keyword.

In the sign for “connection,” the fingers form two joined rings. The sign is seen very often in VRS and is rich in meaning. We developed a logo based on this sign and after several drafts, it became clear this image told our story best. It is easy to recognize and ties together all of our products, services, stories, and events. The image will also grow with us as we develop new ways of connecting with the communities we serve.