1Number FAQs

People can now call a single primary videophone number to reach you simultaneously at up to four of your Z videophone products and/or either Sorenson or Purple videophones.
No. 1Number is a unique service offered by The Z to make it easier for you to manage how you receive your ZVRS and point-to-point calls.
No. 1Number is now included as part of your My Profile account.
No. You will only get only one Z Alert from your primary videophone number.
No. 1Number can accept only one of each type of videophone. For example, if you have two Z-20s, two Z5 numbers and either a Sorenson or Purple videophone number; listed in your My Profile, you can only assign one Z-20, one Z5 and either the Sorenson or Purple number;.
No. 1Number videophone numbers must be 10-digit local numbers.
Yes. You can modify your 1Number preferences from your computer by logging into your My Profile account.
No. Z Box is optional. The primary function of 1Number is to ring simultaneously to your selected videophones (up to four). This happens even if you do not have Z Box. Likewise, when you answer a call on any of your 1Number videophones, the other videophones tied to 1Number will immediately stop ringing.
Just call The Z’s Customer Experience team for assistance at 866.932.7891 or send an email to help@zvrs.com.
Sorenson is trademark of Sorenson Communications, Inc. Purple is trademark of Purple Communications, Inc.