Z Box

Z Box

Improved incoming call alert!

Z Box is a terminal adapter that works with a flash alert notification system. It connects between your computer’s router and the flash alert notification transmitter, allowing your flash alert notification receivers (such as lamps) to signal when you have incoming calls.

To order a Z Box, call Z Customer Care at 866.932.7891 or send an email to help@zvrs.com.

NOTE: You will need a flash alert notification system for Z Box to work. If you don’t already have one, there are many kinds of flash alert notification systems available. One website to check is Harris Communications: www.harriscomm.com.

Watch Freddie learn about Z Box

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Ready to set up Z Box?

  1. Before setting up Z Box, BE SURE you have a notification (signaler) system such as Sonic Alert, Ultratec Simplicity, Silent Call or AlertMaster.
    If not, go to www.harriscomm.com to order.

  2. Insert the telephone or VP transmitter from the notification system into the “Phone 1” jack of the Z Box.

  3. Insert the blue (Ethernet) wire from your router into the “WAN” jack of the Z Box.

  4. Power on the Z Box with the plug adapter.

  5. Plug in a lamp or a bulb to a receiver or several receivers (depending on how many you ordered).

  6. Click “Login” in the upper right corner of the web page to log into your My Profile account.

  7. Click on 1Number in the left sidebar menu.

  8. Check the ""Z Box" option to activate Z Box.

  9. Don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page!

  10. Now, when someone calls you, the lights in your alert system will flash!

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    Warren A.
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    Gina S.
  • Just used my Z4 at Panera Bread, works great.

    Bill M.
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