Z Flasher

Z Flasher (for Z-Ojo)

Get Connected With The Z®

Designed to work with your Z-Ojo, this videophone flasher will visually alert you to incoming calls. The flasher is easy to connect; it plugs into your videophone and to a standard A/C power outlet, providing a very bright flashing light to alert you of incoming calls.

To order, contact Customer Care by calling help.zvrs.tv or 866.932.7891 from your videophone.


Ready to set up Z Flasher?

  1. For Z-Ojo, plug the small wire into the adapter provided with the Z Flasher and then plug in the adapter to the microphone jack on your Z-Ojo.
  2. Attach the power adapter jack to the flasher and plug it into your power supply.
  3. By now, when someone dials your videophone, the lights will flash!

  • Praise the Z products, Love it!

    Warren A.
  • The Z™’s VCO Plus is amazing! No doubt about it.

    Gina S.
  • Just used my Z4 at Panera Bread, works great.

    Bill M.
  • I love My Mail!

    Mayan M.