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Event Start Date End Date Location
Tablet Training: Queens Village, NY 04/18/2014 Queens Village, NY
Z5 Presentation: Muncy, PA 04/18/2014 Muncy, PA
Z5 Presentation: Miami, FL 04/18/2014 Miami, FL
iPad Training: Porter Ranch, CA 04/18/2014 Porter Ranch, CA
Z5 Presentation: Toledo, OH 04/19/2014 Toledo, OH
Z5 Presentation: Toledo, OH 04/19/2014 Toledo, OH
Z5 Presentation: Baltimore, MD 04/19/2014 Baltimore, MD
Z5 Presentation: Indianapolis, IN 04/19/2014 Indianapolis, IN
Tablet Training: Milwaukee, WI 04/19/2014 Milwaukee, WI
Tablet Training: Malvern, PA 04/19/2014 Malvern, PA
Z5 Presentation: Wilmington, DE 04/19/2014 Wilmington, DE
Z5 Presentation: Paradis, Louisiana 04/19/2014 Paradis, Louisiana
Colorfest 2014: Rochester, NY 04/19/2014 Rochester, NY
Z5 Presentation: Gurnee, IL 04/21/2014 Gurnee, IL
Z5 Presentation: Wausau, WI 04/22/2014 Wausau, WI
Z5 Presentation: Tempe, AZ 04/22/2014 Tempe, AZ
Tablet Training: Cypress, CA 04/23/2014 Cypress, CA
Tablet Training: Surprise, AZ 04/23/2014 Surprise, AZ
Z5 Presentation: Flint, Michigan 04/23/2014 Flint, Michigan
Z5 Presentation: Sanford, FL 04/23/2014 Sanford, FL
Z5 Presentation: Webster Groves, MO 04/24/2014 Webster Groves, MO
Z5 Presentation: San Francisco, CA 04/24/2014 San Francisco, CA
Z5 Presentation: Chicago, IL 04/24/2014 Chicago, IL
Z5 Presentation: San Francisco, CA 04/24/2014 San Francisco, CA
Z5 Presentation: Northridge, CA 04/24/2014 Northridge, CA
Z5 Presentation: Indianapolis, IN 04/24/2014 Indianapolis, IN
Basic Social Media Workshop: Lexington, NC 04/24/2014 Lexington NC
Lake Windfall: Lexington, NC 04/25/2014 04/26/2014 Lexington, NC
Z5 Presentation: Glendale, AZ 04/25/2014 Glendale, AZ
Z5 Workshop: New York, NY 04/25/2014 New York, NY
Z5 Presentation: North Branch, MN 04/25/2014 North Branch, MN
Advanced Social Media Workshop: Lexington, NC 04/25/2014 Lexington, NC
Z5 Presentation: Council Bluffs, IA 04/25/2014 Council Bluffs, IA
Z5 Presentation: Cleburne, TX 04/25/2014 Cleburne, TX
Z5 Presentation: Corpus Christi, TX 04/25/2014 Corpus Christi, TX
New England Deaf Senior Citizens 5th Biennial Conference 04/25/2014 04/27/2014
Z5 Presentation: Elmhurst, Illinois 04/26/2014 Elmhurst, Illinois
Z5 Presentation/Tablet Training: Silver Spring, MD 04/26/2014 Silver Spring, MD
Tablet Training: Lakewood, CO 04/26/2014 Lakewood, CO
Z5 Presentation: Cherry Hill, NJ 04/26/2014 Cherry Hill, NJ
Z5 Presentation: Dearborn, MI 04/26/2014 Dearborn, MI
DeafNation Expo - Indianapolis 04/26/2014 Indianapolis, IN
Z5 Presentation: Houma, Louisiana 04/26/2014 Houma, Louisiana
UCC ASL Festival: Cranford, NJ 04/26/2014 Cranford, NJ
Z5 Presentation: Washington, MI 04/27/2014 Washington, MI
Z5 Presentation: Odenton, MD 04/27/2014 Odenton, MD
NCOD Sign N Run 2014: Northridge, CA 04/27/2014 Northridge, CA
Tablet Training: Frederick, MD 04/27/2014 Frederick, MD
Tablet Training: Cypress, CA 04/30/2014 Cypress, CA
Tablet Training: San Diego, CA 05/01/2014 San Diego, CA
Z5 Presentation: Philadelphia, PA 05/02/2014 Philadelphia, PA
Deaf Night Out: Annapolis, MD 05/02/2014 Annapolis, MD
Tablet Training: Washington, DC 05/02/2014 Washington, DC
DeafNation Expo - Pomona 05/03/2014 Pomona, CA
Z5 Presentation: Millmont, PA 05/03/2014 Millmont, PA
Z5 Presentation: Surprise, AZ 05/03/2014 Surprise, AZ
Tablet Training: Collegeville, PA 05/03/2014 Collegeville, PA
PTCO Day: Sherdan, IN 05/04/2014 Sherdan, IN
Tablet Training: Bakersfield, CA 05/07/2014 Bakersfield, CA
Tablet Training: Orange, CA 05/09/2014 Orange, CA
Lake Windfall - Fargo, ND 05/10/2014 Fargo, ND
Ice Cream Night with the Z: New Port Richey, FL 05/10/2014 New Port Richey, FL
Z5 Presentation: Peoria, AZ 05/10/2014 Peoria, AZ
Z5 Presentation: Hagerstown, MD 05/10/2014 Hagerstown, MD
Z5 Presentation: Lincoln, Nebraska 05/10/2014 Lincoln, Nebraska
GLAD Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened Open House: Los Angeles, CA 05/15/2014 Los Angeles, CA
Rhode Island Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Providence, RI 05/15/2014 Providence, RI
Z5 Presentation: North Providence, RI 05/15/2014 North Providence, RI
NYBDA 5th Annual Eastern Regional Conference: New York, NY 05/16/2014 New York, NY
Tablet Training: Porter Ranch, CA 05/16/2014 Porter Ranch, CA
Tablet Training: Wilkes-Barre, PA 05/17/2014 Wilkes-Barre, PA
VA Conference "Happy 130th Anniversary" : Staunton, VA 05/17/2014 Staunton, VA
Z5 Presentation: Mesa, AZ 05/17/2014 Mesa, AZ
Z5 Presentation: Mesa, AZ 05/17/2014 Mesa, AZ
Lake Windfall: White Bear Lake, MN 05/17/2014 White Bear Lake, MN
Tablet Training: Sparks, NV 05/20/2014 Sparks, NV
Tablet Training: Sparks, NV 05/20/2014 Sparks, NV
Tablet Training: Riverside, CA 05/23/2014 Riverside, CA
Tablet Training: Riverside, CA 05/24/2014 Riverside, CA
Tablet Training: Wilmington, DE 05/24/2014 Wilmington, DE
Tablet Training: Riverside, CA 05/25/2014 Riverside, CA
Happy Days Reunion: Riverside, CA 05/31/2014 Riverside, CA
Z5 Presentation: Columbia, MD 06/04/2014 Columbia, MD
Z5 Presentation: Tucson, AZ 06/14/2014 Tucson, AZ
Tablet Training: Honolulu, Hawaii 07/11/2014 Honolulu, Hawaii
Tablet Training: Honolulu, Hawaii 07/13/2014 Honolulu, Hawaii
Tablet Training: Honolulu, Hawaii 07/20/2014 Honolulu, Hawaii
Tablet Training: Aiea, Hawaii 07/21/2014 Aiea, Hawaii